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Top 2 Sporting Centres In Brisbane Australia

Brisbane is a city in Queensland, Australia and also the capital of the city. It is home to an array of popular tourist attractions which makes it a commercial business hub. It is 732km North of Sydney and 1600km North East of the city of Adelaide. With a population of over 2.5 million, it is the most populous city in Queensland, Australia. Brisbane is also one of the oldest cities in Australia and it derived its name from the Brisbane river. It became capital of Queensland when Queensland was separated from new South Wales. Since a significant aspect of the daily lives of Brisbane residents is sport, Brisbane is home to major sporting centres. Here are the top 2 sporting centres in Brisbane, Australia:

  • Suncorp Stadium: 40 castlemaine street, Brisbane Queensland 4064, Australia is the home of the suncorp Stadium. This is the venue that hosts various sporting activities ranging from rugby to football. This stadium seats about 50,000 spectators which makes is a major sport centre in the city of Brisbane. It is also known as Lang park and functions as a home to various sporting teams like the Brisbane broncos, Brisbane roars and the Australian national soccer team sometimes.

  • Brisbane Cricket Ground: This is located in woolloon gabba, Queensland Australia and also known as Gabba which was established in 1895. It has a capacity of about 42,000 which makes it a spectacular centre for cricket events. It serves as the home of the Queensland cricket team, the Brisbane lions and the Brisbane heats.

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